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The Pro Housing team is available every day to help you with renting or letting a place to live and finding the perfect match.

Laura Janssen, rental agent

‘To make sure I can give the best advice, I follow the trends on the rental market closely. Thanks in part to the knowledge I gained during my Real Estate training, I always give my clients a well-documented and full-service package of recommendations. Of course it helps that, being born and bred in Maastricht, I know the region inside and out, and that means I know the tenants and landlords here just that much better, and know how to find just what they’re looking for. I really think that personal contact is one of the most important factors in any rental transaction. From start to finish. And sometimes even after that.’

Coco Smits, trainee rental/sales agent:

‘I’ve always wanted to be in the rental property business, ever since I was a kid. I just can’t think of anything better to do with my day than doing viewings and talking to people about their rental and letting needs. I have a sharp eye for detail that enables me to give tenants and landlords that little bit of extra information that helps them make the right choice. Apart from my duties in the office, right now I’m working very hard on my accreditation as estate agent/valuer. That’s something that I really hope will let me move up in our firm.’

Linda Weichelt, office sales:

‘Transparency, structure, and of course having a little fun now and then. If you ask me, those are the most important ingredients for a good working environment. Working in the office sales department, that’s what I want to be a part of. It helps everyone do their job well, and our clients benefit from it, too. After taking a little detour into the travel industry, I came back to the estate agency business this year and I’m really happy to be back.’

Bermon Pooters, co-owner & office manager

‘As office manager, I see it as my task to create a good foundation for the company to operate on. Client acquisition, planning, support, facilitating commitments, and directing the whole team, these things are all part of that. Of course it helps a lot that I’ve been an independent businessman since I was 19. The food services businesses that I started with gave me a lot of people knowledge and taught me how important teamwork is. When I made the transition to my brother’s company ten years ago, it felt like a very logical next step.’

Gyvan Pooters, owner & sales/rental agent:

‘I began running my own estate agency from home even before I finished my education in 2007. Then I brought my brother into the firm in 2009. In 2012, we moved to our current location on Akersteenweg in Maastricht. I went into business right in the middle of the economic crisis, so I know better than anyone that you always have to do your very best for every client, large or small. When property owners are selling or letting their most valuable possession, you have to be professional and you have to be involved. Along with running my business, my partner and I have two sons (1 and 2 years old), who I spend most of my free time with.’